vogue obsession: so what does this mean for geraldine

Carine Roitfeld stepped down as Editor-in-Chief for Vogue Paris last month and everyone seemed shocked, except perhaps Anna Wintour.  As I mentioned in my November post, Game on Carine! (go to 6:13 of the video) Anna seemed to not so subtly imply that Vogue Paris and Carine sucked for not featuring enough young designers. 
Was Carine pushed out or did the departure come of her own volition?

Perhaps we will never know but in the meantime....

Emmanuelle Alt, Fashion Director of Vogue Paris since 2009, has been called in to replace Carine as Editor-in-Chief starting February 1.  

So......what does that mean for Emmanuelle's sidekick and assitant stylist, Geraldine Saglio?  Let's hope it is that she takes over Emmanuelle's old job as Fashion Director.  They seemed to be attached at the hip and love each other's style.  

I have to say, their outfits kick ass.   No pomp or circumstance.  Time for a subscription to Vogue Paris.

Anna, you might rue the day you set Carine free!  She apparently made Vogue Paris VERY profitable and now Emmanuelle is set to take over.  

Wait....can Anna be replaced!?!  Is the next Vogue obsession about Carine!!?!!

Who knows but in the meantime, I am obsessed with you Geraldine.

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