the interiorist

Love this site from fellow Torontian, Jenn Hannotte!  Not only does she blog about her amazing remodel of her home on The Interiorist, she also has her own design firm called Russett and Empire Interiors.  

I love her style and though I am in desperate need of a make over in my house, and Jenn's prices are VERY reasonable, it isn't going to happen now.  But when it does, I think I am giving Jenn a call.  That living room is exactly how I would like mine to look.  Just need to start by getting rid of that IKEA pull out couch in our living room that was supposed to go in the basement but didn't fit. 
Perhaps I should follow Jenn's lead and start listing my stuff on Craigslist.  But really, how much would a ten year old pull out from IKEA make me? 

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for pointing me to Jenn's site after she won the International Contest for Small Cool Kitchens 2011!

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