This is one of the photos from fellow Canadian DwellStudio Founder & Creative Director, Christiane Lemieux's book Undecorate.  There is absolutely nothing about this photo that I could change.  That chair is amazing for reading.  The colours...I love the tan and pale blue and the light wood, not to mention the black marble on the fireplace and that coffee table, but seriously, is that white vase from Dwell?  It kind of makes the room, or at least the photo, or maybe it is the only thing that should go?  I can't decide.  No, it should stay.  It was probably on the side table before but was switched with the books and alligator (or is that a croc?) for the shoot.  Too much white in the screen.
  My living room is the same blue but my furniture is white (doesn't matter how much bleach you use, doesn't work with kids) and the rug is dark blue.  I love the dark blue but it isn't great with 2 shedding cats and a dog.  
For some reason, this room works for me.  Or it will when there are no more markers, cat hair or dog hair.  
But could I just pretend that all that is the essence of UN-decorate!?!!  Yeah, I know....probably not.

thanks table tonic

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