it's not all about gwyneth and jay-z! what about jessica!?!

Gwyneth Paltrow has been hitting the news big time recently.  And she has a new book (LIK: Link Isn't Kind) she is shilling.  A cook book in honor of her father.  Plus, her good buddy Jay-z just started a website that I mentioned last week and the two stroked each others blogging feathers (yes, I just said that) today on their respective blogs.  

They also had a dinner together cooked by Gwyneth and attended by Martha Stewart, Moby, Jay-z, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Sienfeld and his wife.  In all this Gwyn hubbub, it is hard to remember that just last week, Jessica Seinfeld released her second cook book.  Gwyneth did give her a shout out on her site in November but what about now?  When the two of you are releasing cookbooks within weeks of each other! 

Here is video and commentary of the guests arriving to this 'amazing' dinner that happened last night.  To be a fly on THAT wall!!

But let's get back to Jessica...

Though her second cookbookDouble Delicious! Good, Simple Food for Busy, Complicated Lives, came out a week ago, I am only just testing out her stuff now.  Jessica Seinfeld (apparently born Nina Danielle Skar-where'd-the-Jessica-come-from) , married to Jerry Seinfeld and mother to their 3 children, has published 2 cookbooks, the first to help hide healthy ingredients into food that kids will eat, started a charity that recycles baby gear to those who need it, and a website and blog where she shares her recipes.  She has been creating videos for years for a friend who doesn't know how to cook. 

Check out a few videos below with her sometimes co-star, fellow cookbook author and comedian (and wife to George Stephanopolous), Alexandra Wentworth...

I tried that chicken, rice and peas dish tonight for my kids.  Not only was it super easy (not effing kidding!!!  super easy), but the kids loved it.  No joke.  That is a staple in my house now.

4/21 UPDATE:  Jessica got a shout out on Goop today.  Jessica interviewed Gwyneth  at the Seinfeld pad.  It's all a bit nauseating.

And here is what the New York Post had to say about that dinner....

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