54 bond has sold!

This beautiful penthouse apartment at 54 Bond Street has finally sold for $13,491,812US.  It was originally listed at $16,500,000US in September which is apparently more than the owner/developer paid for the whole building! 

When the owner Adam Gordon first bought the old bank turned Bouwerie Lane Theatre in 2007 for $15,000,000, he did extensive renovations to the building for a single family home and listed it for $36,000,000!  But the timing wasn't right.  Who wanted to invest in a $36 million mansion one month after Lehman Brother's fell!?!

So Adam Gordon converted the building once again into 3 apartments and the penthouse was the last to go.
It is beautiful.  I love it all!  Except I am not really feeling the tv easel.  It probably doesn't come with the apartment anyhow.

via curbed

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