the boo and the boy

My kids, who sleep on the third floor, have sloped walls like the one in the picture above.  I have been struggling to find something to put on those walls to make their rooms a little more colourful as I can't hang art.  In my search, I came across this great site, the boo and the boy, written by fellow Canadian Julia from Ottawa.  She might look a little familiar to you and if so, it is because she is the twin sister of Kim, one of the editors of Desire to Inspire.  I love that design and blogging seem to be shared interests between the sisters but their blogs are very different.  Julia's is dedicated to her husband who is battling a brain tumour, her 2 kids and funny things they say, and any insipiration she finds every day in decor.  She is quite funny and given the stress her family must be under, very uplifting.  
So glad I came across her site because now it is added to my favourites plus now I have 2 new ideas for the kids' rooms! Curtains and stars, or curtains and stripes or maybe all 3!  

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